As a property owner within the 1300 Block of South 3rd we welcome you to become a member of our Association. Annual dues are $20 per person for membership (Jan-Dec). This entitles you to a vote on Association matters, and benefit from any Association sponsored programs. For example, we have a cooperative outdoor lighting program; and we hire the Boy Scouts (as a fundraiser for them) to clean the medians on our street of leaves and debris.

If you would like to become a member, let us know. There is no formal enrollment process. However, a little record keeping is necessary to keep up with everyone and assure communications reach you.

Our group meets on the last Sunday of the month, at 7 p.m. Sometimes meetings are held at the Community Center in Central Park. But often, members will host the meeting at their home. We also host a summer picnic and a Holiday Party in Dec. for our membership.


The 1300 Block Association is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit corporation, organized and operated for “Social Welfare Purposes”, under the Internal Revenue Code. The Corporation exists to pursue the continued welfare and improvement of the economic value, physical condition, market attractiveness, safety, security, and appearance of the private and public property (homes, apartments, businesses, land, streets and adjacent alleys, sidewalks, medians, verges, fences, walls, lighting and appurtenances) of the 1300 block, as well as those of the nearby neighborhood extending about 400 feet in any direction from the periphery of the 1300 Block area.

Specific goals of the Corporation are to:

  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas, assimilate and communicate information related to all areas of concern and activity in the neighborhood.
  • Provide Victorian-Era, under-tree lighting for the 1300 Block, achieving better safety, security and projecting an era-appropriate image.
  • Eliminate graffiti and maintain a clean and kempt area.
  • Maintain and restore the original brick paver condition of the alleys.
    • Maintain and annually erect the period post decorations for Holiday and Ky Derby Lighting.
  • Keep debris and garbage from building up on streets and alleys.
  • Work with Police and Fire and all City Services ensuring satisfactory support of our area.
    • Support the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival in Central Park.
    • Work with Metro Council members and staff in support, response and advocacy of Corporation initiatives and purposes.
  • Help build and support the initiatives and activities of the OLNC aimed at improving Old Louisville.
  • Support the continuation of The Saint James Court Art Show.
  • Support initiatives to improve and maintain Central Park.
  • Support the continuation of the Old Louisville Holiday Homes Tour.
  • Support the continued operation of the Old Louisville Information Center.
  • Advocate efforts to eliminate violence from the streets of Old Louisville.
  • Establish and maintain a good working relationship with related groups.
  • Encourage the operations of, and coordinate with, the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, the representative arm of the associations in Old Louisville.

The 1300 Association Officers

Mathieu Nunery
Vice President
Annie Likins
Judy Seale
Sheelah Anderson