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The 1300 Association of Third Street

An Educational
and Cultural Jewel

Timeless beauty and architectural variety are expressed in the homes of The 1300 Block Association of The Old Louisville Neighborhood. Located along South 3rd Street, we welcome you to come take a stroll through our neighborhood to see where past and the present are honored, making this a most livable community. Built during Louisville’s “Gilded Age”, we are proud of our history, and equally proud that we are a progressive, welcoming, viable neighborhood. Through our partnership with a dozen other Old Louisville associations we support, promote, and participate in the arts, in architectural preservation, in protecting our urban “green canopy”, and creating a great place to live.


Proud To Be A Part of The St. James Court Art Show

Each fall, one of America’s most spectacular Art Shows unfurls on the streets and boulevards of our community. As one of the 13 member groups of the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, we are proud of our long association with this show. And, our support is shown in financial contributions as well as volunteer hours making it go. Those efforts are led by our show coordinator Larry McNeese. Some may even say the St. James Court Art Show starts at 1300 block of South 3rd. Each year, we welcome new and returning artists from the community, our state, and across the nation. Over the years, they’ve become friends and know our coffee and donut cart piloted by the friendly smiles of Sheelah and Arnold. We also welcome the thousands of show visitors. Have a great time, buy a unique piece of art, enjoy this special event.

The 1300 Association lost two dear members in 2023

Sadly, we have lost some friends

It is with much regret that we must mention the final curtain call for Ronald Lew “Ron” Harris at the age of 70 and the peaceful passing of Arnold Celentano.

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Stroll along the 1300 Block of South Third Street in Louisville, Kentucky and marvel at a section of the nation’s largest, contiguous Victorian neighborhood.

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